Introduction to science ( Biology)

In every expect and process of life and every where science is too important. It is knowledge about all living things like animals, plants and humans include about their food and how can humans maintain their food and health.
                                                     It also knowledge about living organisms all organs like stomach, kidney, lungs, heart, brain and their diseases and how can we maintain our physically or mentally health. For all this process we need to read biology.The introduction of biology is given below.

Introduction To Biology

Biology is the scientific study of life the word 'biology' has been drive from two Greek words the word 'bios' meaning life and 'logos' meaning 'thought or reasoning' in the branch of science we will study about living thing. In this course we will understand and appreciate nature, it is very important to study about different parts and aspects of living organisms in it we also study about human begins and plants which all are living things. The study about human can help us also to provide different remedies to humans health regarding health, food, environment etc.
There are three different branches of biology which study the different aspects of living things


The branch of biology which deal with the study of animals is called zoology. 


The branch of biology which deal with the study of plants is called botany.


The branch of biology which deal with the study of micro-organisms is called microbiology e.g viruses and bacteria etc.


The study of genes ans their roles in inheritance is called genetics. Inheritance means the transmission of characters from one generation to the other. 


It is the study of drugs and their effects on the systems of human body.


It is the study of insects.


It is the study of the immune system of animals, which defends the body against invading microbes.


It deals with the practical application of living organisms to make substance for the welfare of mankind.


This branch deals with the study of parasites.


The branch deals with the study of social behaviour of the animals that make societies.

Environmental biology:

It deal with the study of the remains of the interactions between the organisms and their environment.


It is the study of fossils, which are the remains of extinct organisms.


It is the study of the naming and classification of organisms into groups and subgroups.


It is the study of the development of an embryo to new individual.


This branch deals with the study of the functions of different parts of living organisms.

Cell biology:

The study of the structures and functions of cells and cell organelles is called cell biology. This branch also deals with the study of cell division.


The microscopic study of tissues is called histology.


The study of internal structure is called anatomy.


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