Relationship of biology to other sciences

The interrelationship among different branches of science cannot be denied. Biology includes information various aspects of living thing but these information relate to the other branches of science as well. Each branch of science has relationship with all other branches. For example, when studying the process of movement in animals , the biologists have to refer to the laws of motion in physics. This forms the basis of interdisciplinary sciences.


It deals with the study of the principal of physics, which are applicable to biological phenomena. For example there is a similarity between the working principals of lever in physics and limbs of animals in biology.


It deals with the study of chemistry of different compounds and processes occurring in living organisms. For example the study of basic metabolism of photosynthesis and respiration involves the knowledge of chemistry.

Biomathematics / Biometry:

It deals with the study of biological processes using mathematical techniques and tools. For example to analyze the data gathered after experimental work, biologists have to apply the rules of mathematics. 


It deals with study of the occurrence and distribution of different species of living organisms in different geographical regions of the world. It applies the knowledge of the characteristic of particular geographical regions to determine the characteristics of living organisms found there.


It deals with the study of organisms from economical point of view. For example the cost value and profit value of the yield of wheat can be calculated through bioeconomics ans benefits of losses can be determined.

Careers in Biology

it is essential that students of today, who will occupy positions of leadership tomorrow, have the background of the modern and forward-looking branches of science. An accurate and modern knowledge of biology, will promote a comprehension of both science and scientific research projects. It will benefit the learner in diverse list of careers. the following are the careers that a student of biology can plan to adopt. 

Medicine / Surgery: 

The profession of medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in human. In surgery the part of the body may be repaired, replaced or removed, For example the removal of stones through renal surgery, transplantation of kidney, liver etc. Both the professions are studied in the same basic course (MBBS) and then students go for specializatons.


Fisheries is the professional study of fish production. There are departments in Pakistan where professionals of fisheries are employed. They serve for enhancing the quality and quantity of fish production. In Pakistan. this profession can be adopted after the bachelor or masters level study of zoology and fisheries.


This profession deals with the food crops and animals which are the source of food. An agriculture works for the betterment of crops like wheat, rice, corn etc. and animals like buffalo, cow etc from which we get food. In Pakistan there are many universities which offer professional courses on agriculture after the higher secondary education in biology.

Animal husbandry:

It is the branch of agriculture concerned with the care and breeding of domestic animals like e.g cattle, sheep etc. Professional courses in animal husbandry can be adopted after the higher secondary education in biology.


It deals with the art of gardening. A horticulturist works for the betterment of existing varieties and for the production of new varieties of ornamental plants and fruit plants. Biology students can adopt the profession after their education.


It deals with the development and maintenance of different types of farm. For example in some farms animals breeding technologies are used for the production of animals which are better protein and milk source. In poultry farms chicken and eggs are produced. Similarly in fruit farms, different fruit yielding plants are grow. A student who has gone through the professional course of agriculture, animals husbandry or fisheries etc. can adopt this profession.


In forestry professionals look after natural forest and advises to the government for planting and growing artificial forests. Many universities offer professional courses in forestry after the higher secondary education in biology or after bachelor level study of zoology and botany.


It is the latest profession in the field of biology. Biotechnologists study and work of the production of useful products through microorganisms. Universities offer courses in biotechnology after the higher secondary education in biology and after the bachelor level students of botany or zoology.

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Relationship of biology to other sciences The interrelationship among different branches of science cannot be denied. Biology includes...